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Waves crash upon our plastic shores, 

No longer on stone and sand, 

The tide of our materialism scars 

This once clean and pleasant land, 

Discarded debris of busy lives , 

Form breakers of synthetic surf, 

Non-biodegradable tsunamis, 

Threaten to cover this earth, 


Product packaging pollutes our seas, 

Micro bead cholesterol fills our planets arteries, 

Choking the life from the oceans embrace, 

Humanities shame, 

A global disgrace, 


This plastic disease, this corporate cancer, 

Needs all of our efforts to come up with an answer, 

Not just to clean up the mess that we’ve made, 

But to understand there’s a price to be paid, 


If we carry on blindly, we will suffocate, 

Beneath our indifference, if we leave it to fate, 

Sharing awareness, the task is immense, 

Changing our ways is our only defence.

Lyrick 2019

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