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Rick Warren

I have been writing and performing for my own enjoyment for as long as I can remember and having hit a few bumps along life's road recently, I feel a change in direction is required and that it's time to share some of my poems and thoughts with you. 

I have been a training and sales manager in the telecommunication sector for the last 25 years and I have always been fascinated by the use of language and how important and powerful it can be.

Sharing my love of verse and poetry has become a passion and one I am blissfully happy to be following. I really hope you find something that touches, amuses or even angers you in the poems on this site. I will be very grateful for any feedback or comments as I am always striving to improve and seek out new ideas.

LYRICK Creative Services is here to provide bespoke writing solutions for those that are seeking a personalised piece of prose or verse for any occasion or situation. Previously I have written for corporate events, birthday and wedding celebrations, engagements and more sombre occasions such as bereavements and memorials.  

NB: All recordings on this site are the voice of Rick Warren and he is available to record any commissions requested or other voice-over work.

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