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Ode to Selfby Lyrick
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Patience my friend,

Your race is far from run,

Take this moment to evaluate

Just how far you've come

Take a breath in all this chaos

Reflect on all that you've achieved,

Don’t let temporary frustrations,

Make you doubt what you believe,


Times of struggle, joy and sorrow,

Highest highs and lowest lows,

Building blocks of a new tomorrow,

Let your anticipation grow,

You've paid your dues,

Hard yards earned,

Points all proved and

Lessons learned,


New pages await your pen, my friend,

Adventures in time and space,

All you deserve will be yours in the end,

As your story unfolds in a better place,

For nothing stands still forever,

Doubts and fears flow out with the tide,

Replaced by love, joy and wonder,

Your spirit will not be denied


Time is now your currency,

How much is left?  well, no one can tell,

Life is filled with uncertainty

So when you spend it...  spend it well,

Make seconds worth their passing, 

Each moment more precious than gold,

Life is yours for the asking,

This is the gift that you hold,


Lyrick 2021
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