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Mind the Gap/Beggar ManLyrick
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Weary traveller,

Spare a moment,

Contemplate this time,

Reflect upon the hours you've spent,

Sitting on the Central line,

Make the seconds worth their passing,

Give substance to their demise,

Use this opportunity to search,

For the peace your life denies,

Moments of stillness,

Within the surge of the crowd,

Enter that space this journey allows,

Time to think,

Time to pause,

To seek out and open opportunity's door.

Still as glass,

Empty as a Politician's pledge,

Barely clad in torn woollen mittens,

The hand is held out in shame,

Against the subway wall,

Slumped like a discarded sack,

Cold as fate,

As old as time,

He awaits the trains on the Central Line...

Pleading with eyes half averted in pain,

Face as lined as the maps on the wall,



Unshaven of jowl and cheek,

Dignity lost in drink and despair,

He sits,

He waits,

Someone who was,

But is no longer there...

Lyrick 2018

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