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Trick or Treatby Lyrick
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There's one night of the year that fills me with dread,

When I turn off the lights and hide in my bed,

One night that I can't wait to be over,

All Hallows Eve, 31st October.

As the sun starts to set and the street lights flicker,

my blood pressure rises and my pulse rate gets quicker,

I shut all the curtains,

turn off the TV,

So the "Tricker's and Treater's" won't visit me.

In years gone by I loved Halloween,

The costumes, decorations and setting the scene,

For small children to visit and cry "Trick or Treat?"

Hoping for someone to give them some sweets.

These days I worry,  so I hide on the floor,

Scared of the ring or the knock at the door,

Gone are the days when I thought it funny,

These days it's teenagers asking for money!

So I keep myself hidden and safe in my bed,

With a flask of tea and a book to be read.

Beneath sheets I wait in the dark of the night

Until finally emerging into the light,

No tricks or treats, 

No frights to be seen,

Take care out there people,

Happy Halloween!

Lyrick 2018

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