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I admit it ….I am an addict,…though I’ve denied it to myself,

Too long have I been putting pleasure first, ahead of health,

Willingly reducing the span of all my years, 

A momentary fix, then despair and bitter tears, 

This depression a succession of changing chemical flows, 

Short lived highs followed all too soon,  

by frequent long term lows, 

Fighting through the darkness, realisation dawns on me.

I'm killing myself slowly, ingesting poisons knowingly, 

It's not like I need to do anything more,

just don't do the things that I've done before... , 

Life is good and here for the taking, 

I'm so frustrated by the choices I'm making, 

Stop filling the void with all of this stuff, I know better than this,

enough is enough,


Sugar is my heroine,

Fast food my crack cocaine,

Fat filled high’s to fill the cracks and fractures in my brain,

Life’s a choice…acceptance is mine,

I have found my voice and want more time,

To laugh and love and feel alive,

Another path needed if I’m to survive,

No track marks found upon my skin,

An expanding waistline shows my sin,

My choices will need to be glucose free 

If I’m to find a happier me

Going cold turkey…mmm that sounds healthy

Lyrick October 2019

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