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Miss Youby Lyrick
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I wake in the morning and you’re not there,

I miss the warmth of your body,

Miss the smell of your hair,

I miss everything, all the things, that made you you,

I miss the words that you say and the things that you do,

 I miss your mess, the way you dress, 

Miss the frustration when your late, 

Miss the anticipation of our holiday dates, 

 The annoying stealing of duvet covers, 

 The move into friendship from the passion of lovers, 

 The snuggles and cuddles on weekend mornings, 


Then you were gone with no goodbyes & no warning, 

 I miss you more than I thought I could,

I miss you more than I probably should, 

 I know this feeling is temporary,


I hear your footsteps in my mind

and you bring me my tea...I miss you. 

Lyrick 2019

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