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All too often on Social Media,

Supposedly to make things easier,

Our friendships are maintained with likes and clicks,

One of modern life's cheap tricks,

To make us feel we're more connected,

To ease the pain of the disaffected,

We socialise with social lies,

We click our likes when we really despise,

These perfect images of perfect lives,

That make us die a little inside,

We socialise with social lies,

Pictures of perfect sunsets,

In exotic far off places,

Perfect people posing,

Perfect smiles on perfect faces,

We show the sides we idealise,

We socialise with social lies,

If all was as it appears to be,

There is no sadness or misery,

Just happy people so carefree,

Yet all we feel is jealousy,

Everyone laughs and no one cries,

We socialise with social lies.

Lyrick 2019

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