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I say "I'm fine", but I'm not ...

I'm holding onto normality with everything I've got,

but I'm sinking.

Drowning beneath waves of paranoid thinking

and it hurts...

making everything worse ...

carving's a curse ...

Apathy would be easier,

turning a blind eye to sensationalist media,

Stories that just escalate the hate,

when all I am is scared of what comes next,

Avoiding the news and craving a subtext of anything other

than ego and greed,

how can we expect to succeed when the love

of power exceeds the power of love,

Above all else... I feel shame,

As I'm hiding from the horror,

Unable to face tomorrow and the pain it will bring ...

I write of hope yet find little to cling to,

I see such courage in others yet so little in myself,

So I keep distracted,

Trying to find a way to help,

Ending up so sad that I have to think of something else ...

So yes... I'm fine, considering where I'm not ....


                                                                                    Lyrick March 2022

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