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I Feel Againby Lyrick
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I feel again

 for the first time in years…

 so long spent existing not living,

 surviving each day,

 echoing each action,

 repeating routines and failing to move on…

 suddenly out from the darkness of imagined content shines the light of wanting…

 the light of need

 throwing shadows in to focus and emptiness into sharp relief

 such a waste seen in reflection

 for now there is purpose not necessity nor meaningless introspection…

 I can see my life from on high, as if climbing past grey rocks on a mountain side

 until reaching the summit and spread before me the dawning day,

 clouds of uncertainty are stripped away to reveal  fields and rivers

 villages and roads

 bathed in the light of love not the half-light of reason,

 there are still peaks to climb if I choose, other views are available,

 if I carry on this vision may be lost and my dreams become unattainable,

 the forward path lies straight and true

 finding solace denies my quest

 I will stay awhile and take my rest

 tomorrow dawns no matter what my choice

 I'm glad to have seen my dreams my very thoughts come alive and be given voice,

 as I stand and survey my future space…

 I feel again…a smile upon my face

Lyrick 2018
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