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Path To Redemptionby Lyrick
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I walked for many a mile today,

From Hurley to Marlow and back,

The Thames my gentle companion,

As I wandered along the track.

Peaceful beyond comprehension,

The sun is kind today,

it's warmth a welcome blanket,

As on the ground I lay.

The breath of the breeze, natures kiss,

Upon my upturned face,

A moment of peace and total bliss,

In the wonderful, magical place.

Waters lap upon the banks,

Birds swoop high up above,

Soaring like my spirits,

I give thanks for this place that I love.

Afternoon sun begins to fade,

Shadows lengthen into evening shade,

Thoughts are calm, and plans are made,

The path to redemption is laid...

Lyrick 2018
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