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TIMEby Lyrick
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Funny how a single day can change the world we know.

How one small hour in that one day,

Can allow such hope to grow.

The minutes of that hour become as memorable as years,

Seconds pass so slowly as understanding reappears.


Time itself may stop... as we treasure each emotion.

Moments taken to reflect, as shackles of the past are broken.

Too long have we been bound by the fear of growing older,

Believing age to be physical,

Instead of something bolder.


Age a state of mind, a state of grace in head and heart,

A positive reminder that every end is but a start.

For each day that dies at midnight,

A new day is then born.

Heralded by the golden light that is the coming dawn,

Time is not the horror that steals our lives away.

The horror is not to make the most,

Of every precious day.







Lyrick 2018
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