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Felicity Kearney 1966-2019
Our Friend has DiedLyrick
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Her brush strokes kissed the canvas

as her lips once brushed my face ,

Tender loving touches bring light to a cold dark space,

Pictures of an inner pain flowed from her loving heart,

Beauty from a ravaged brain,

From misery flowed art.

Pain racked her body, yet she hid her distress,

Fighting, rejecting, denying, accepting,

Monstrous, misunderstood, miserable MS.

Her faith never wavered through all of her years,

Gratitude and thanks for her life stem our tears.

We remember her smile, her love and her laughter,

Memories we share both here and hereafter.

Our friend has died ....she has slipped away.

Her paintings reveal what her silence concealed,

There are no words left to say.

Lyrick 2020

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