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A Lesson Learnedby Lyrick
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I cried today for another’s joy… 

I felt no shame as I wept, 

A release of emotion that cleansed my soul 

Of the petty bitterness I’d kept. 

To feel the tears of happiness 

As a lost love found it’s home 

A stray returned to their rightful place 

No longer to suffer 

And exist alone.

A lesson learned from hardship endured 

With a dignity beyond my understanding 

Has shown me not to hide my heart 

Nor seek a path less demanding 

To reach beyond ones grasp lies heaven 

A state fulfilled by chances taken 

“Faint heart never won fair maid”

My inner strength I must awaken .

To seek for more than I did before 

Not to accept others values and treat them as my own, 

To realise my own importance 

To reap the rewards my deeds have sown.

Lyrick 2018
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