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Hurley Lock by Lyrick
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At Hurley Lock I took my rest and sat a while to see, 

The boats negotiate the gates and for a moment I was free, 

Free of worry of work and home that filled my waking mind, 

Free of the stresses and strains of life, 

Free to write and slowly unwind, 

Sat at Michaela’s tea shop, the words flowed upon the page, 

All the weight of living, like my worries fell away 

The breeze in the trees and the summer sun were more welcome and more free, 

Than any well-meant advice from friends 

On how my life should be, 

The coffee and the tea cakes were all I needed as I watched, 

The boats rise up from Marlow as they passed into the lock, 

Before they journeyed onward along the Thames that flowed so free, 

Passed banks of weeping willows on their way up to Henley, 

The next boat enters, father and son, a cruiser going downstream, 

Then gliding up, the “Hampton Court”, with day trippers living the dream, 

The rushing waters enter and the boat does slowly rise, 

The air is filled with sound, youngsters squeal with joyful cries, 

The gates open up once more and the boat moves slowly through, 

Passed the moorings , under the bridge until moving out of view, 

Routines repeated throughout the day and when the sun is kind, 

This cycle of serenity , 

Is enough to ease my mind.


Lyrick 2018

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