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Our lives are full of trivia,

Of inconsequential things,

Of work and home and ephemera,

Who knows what tomorrow brings,

Take a moment to talk to strangers,

Take the time to call old friends,

Leave not a second unvalued,

For who knows when this will end,

Days are passing faster,

Life disappears before our eyes,

We live mere moments upon this earth,

Avoiding our inevitable demise,


What we have is a treasure,

Be under no illusion of our fate,

Take time and make the effort to see,

Those we cherish before it’s too late,

Leave not a kind word unspoken

Love’s an emotion to be expressed,

Make that call or better look into the eyes,

Of those you’ve loved longest and best,


Life comes with no guarantees,

No warranty or best-by dates,

A lifetime is all that we have,

Use it wisely, before it's too late...

Lyrick 2021
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