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Stepsby Lyrick
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Upon the edge of the rutted path,  an ancient yew tree stands, 

branches, dark and twisted, silent guardian of these lands, 


Many have passed this way before,  their footsteps mark the track, 

Through bracken, beech and oak we walk,  winter sun upon our back, 


Our conversation meanders,  as does the route we take,  discussions of who and why and how and plans we've yet to make


Through muddy puddles, we make our way, passed teepees of reclaimed logs,  

where children play and couples wander to exercise their dogs, 


A moment taken to say, "good morning", and comment upon the day, 

Friendly warnings  of wind and rain, "a storm is on its way"


Beside the pond,  along the lane, passed the shuttered pub to the car, 

We return to where started... yet we have travelled far, 


Back through time, childhood memories, of family and friends, 

Into a future where we will celebrate when all this madness ends,


Such steps we take when chance we find, bringing joy to spirit and heart and mind,

Until the day this sadness ends, Treasured walks in a wood and a talk with a friend…

Lyrick 2021  
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