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I broke my brain…

Cracked under the strain, splintered into pieces of guilt

and shame,

Unable to work through depression and pain,

A mental breakdown by any other name,


People cared, support was immense,

Time off and walking made the pain less intense,

Yet underneath I had no defence,

Working and worrying just made no sense,


Writing the words upon a page in my head,

Thinking that I would be better off dead,

That nobody cared if I lived or died,

Just a waste of space, already rotting inside,


“This isn’t me”,

A friend of mine wrote,

Her story inspired me to travel new roads,

Leaving old worlds behind,

New paths to explore,

Changing horizons,

Opening up  once locked doors,

Taking chances on fate,

Letting me wake up and see,

That it’s never too late,

To set yourself free


Lyrick October 2019

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