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Between two worlds – on one hand the weight of expectation,

To conform to the norm, to weather the storm,

To tether the soul like an anchor. 

Hold things fast, stay safe and just cast an eye on all that would be lost,

The other is to explore, to change form and become more than before, 

Shake off the chains and be free…

Soul surfing in pursuit of personal truth 


Lightning flashes of anxiety scramble thought, 

Good intentions come to naught, as darkness takes control, 

What lies ahead is hidden, shielded by doubt, no easy way out,

No window or door, just an endless corridor, 

Forward or back are the only directions, 

One is heaven and one is hell, which is which, who can tell,

For one is real and one’s a dream,

One way lies misery, the other may only seem to be the right choice, 

Doubt and fear are not guides to choose,

With so much to lose, 

Where are hope and joy? – where is the light to end the dark, 

Go they cry- ignite the creative spark 

Find your way to be the person you were meant to be, 


I wish I could see as clearly as everyone around me… 


Stay or go, say yes, say no, say anything to appease the probing, 

To understand just where I’m going, 

So many options yet only one decision to be made, 

Twist or stick, treat or trick, 

No matter what, a price to be paid 


One path security and an early demise… 

One path, an adventure, for whatever remains of the rest of our lives… 


The decision, like the sky above… becomes clear. 


Lyrick 2018

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