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Lotteryby Lyrick
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Each Saturday night 

I sit by the telly, 

Sweat on my brow, 

Brain turned to jelly, 

Waiting for someone to send me a sign, 

Come on come on number 49 


Five in a row, 

They dropped so quick, 

My hearts stopped twice, 

I’m starting to feel sick, 

Why is it taking so long to fall, 

That rotten little plastic ball.

Time stands still, 

The ball descends, 

Down the tube and around the bends 

Coming to rest at the end of the line, 

Oh yes, oh yes it’s 49 

I’m onto the phone to claim my prize, 

Pounds signs dance before my eyes, 

How much have I won? 

Book my flight to the beach, 

Four million winners !!! 

That’s £2 each 

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