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Wordsby Lyrick
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Words can be cruel,

Words can be kind,

Words creep soft from an unguarded mind,


Words may wound,

Words may heal,

Words may expose or disguise how we feel,


Words are weapons

Words are a shield,

Words can be truth or a lie revealed,


Words bring us together,

Words tear us apart

Words fall from cracks in broken hearts


Words can be heavy,

Words can be light,

Words can turn any wrong into a right, or a right into a wrong 

Words turn instrumentals to songs

Words can define us, teach us and guide us,

Words are the bonds that eternally bind us,

Words are a gift that we choose to share,

A variable constant, of hope and despair,


Playful, magical, satirical, political,

Whimsical, literal, spiritual, a miracle, that we can share this joy in the metaphysical expression of our inner thoughts and feelings, giving substance and meaning to the dreaming of our lives,


Words can ensnare in their literary spell

Words have power, 

So choose them well.




Lyrick 2021
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