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It’s easier to breathe, now I’m not trying to achieve the impossible, 

Stepping back has moved me forward, taking time has freed my soul, I travel ever onward on my own path toward my goal, 

Pleasure in the little things, that were lost within the race, 

Grant me such sweet pleasure, put a smile upon my face, 

A walk along the river, a talk with a beloved friend, make seconds worth their passing, gives a meaning to their end, 

Pleasure in a sunset, pleasure in a fall of rain, pleasure in just knowing things will never be the same for 

Tears that fell in silence, once masked, now disappeared, gone, the lies I told myself and all the things I feared, 

Empty routines and loneliness, inner voices scream and shout , blinkered by despair - searching a way out 

Emotion worn upon a face once lined by stress and doubt, 

no disguise required, the love of life comes out, 

giving purpose to each action, letting truth and love shine through, 

in the key strokes and the words I write – 

this ones from me to you.

Lyrick 2018
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