These pages are for anyone who enjoys the brevity and concise nature of poems, with their ability to distill sometimes complex thoughts and issues into a succinct and manageable format. Sometimes funny, sometimes not, the process of using less words to say more is challenging, and a challenge I really enjoy!  Without overstating it, this process has helped to keep me 'relatively ' sane and certainly put a smile on my face and kept me busy.  ​

On this site you will find a small selection of poems that have been created and inspired through personal observations and experiences, some taken from my book 'The Path to Redemption', but new ones are being added all the time.  Having been commissioned in the past to produce bespoke writings for occasions ranging from weddings, funerals, birthday celebrations and corporate events, I realised this was a service that may be of interest to others.


I hope that you find something here that resonates with you, be that to smile, cry, laugh or sigh. Everything is subjective and therefore relevant to someone... I hope that someone is you.

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